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Temperature Gauge Guide

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Features Of Talking Thermostats That'll Convince You To Get One



Do you have any electronic devices that could work nicely but it happens that you can't find directions on how to adjust or use them or if you did find the manual, you don't understand what it said? Well if you have a talking thermostat, there is no need for you to feel bothered ever again.


This device is designed with a concise, clear and an easy to follow voice instruction to help you through comfort adjustments of control, which can help you to steer clear of overpaying your utility. For additional comfort and peace of mind as well, the device will playback the phone number and name of your local service provider when you press the "Help" button. And to make sure that your system is going to maintain its optimal performance, the talking thermostat for the blind will gently remind you of changing the air filter, UV light bulb, air purification system when needed. What's more, this also gives alerts when your HVAC system has run the time recommended for its maintenance which can prevent excessive energy use and premature equipment failure.


Well, the bottom line here is, this innovative device can be a big help in preventing you to make costly utility payments while giving peace of mind that your cooling and heating system operate at its top performance.


There are many beneficial and useful features that talking thermostats have and a few of them are listed in this article:


EZ talk through instructions - without having to hunt for operational manual, you can easily adjust the comfort level in your house be it winter and summer, day and night.


Avoiding utility overpayments - for the heating and cooling of your home, you can now stop wasting your hard earned money. To be able to lower your utility bills and maximize your comfort, all you need to do is to adjust the temperature for automatic leave, wake up and sleep times. Find out some information at


Check filter alert - the device also comes with an integrated with a display and friendly audio that reminds you on a regular basis on when to change the filter. Dirty air filters have the ability to cause harm to your HVAC system but they can also trigger asthma attacks or allergic reactions.


Check UV light alert - if you have an air purification system that uses UV light in an effort to kill bacteria, viruses and several other air pathogens, this alert will be activated to remind you when to change the UV light bulbs.


Compressor protection - in every talking thermostat system from, there is always a built-in time delay that is preventing short cycling damage to the most expensive component of the system, which is the outdoor compressor.